Ms Lauryn Hill & My Absence..

I have been gone for a couple weeks now and i’m sure my readers are wondering where did I go but I’m back! I just needed some time to collect my thoughts and also to organize my life. Lack of organization made it really hard for me to write and also to plan out some of my next moves. So anyway.. I figured that there would be something eventually that would make me want to break my silence and it happened the day I read about Lauryn Hill’s failure to pay her taxes.

Basically Lauryn Hill is being charged with three counts of misdemeanor failure to file  her taxes from the year 2005 to 2007. Unfortunately hearing about a celebrity not paying taxes isn’t uncommon but it was her response that intrigued me. As we know Lauryn Hill does not do much public speaking or performing but she did take the time to respond to this situation on her tumblr account. Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, I understood her response and felt like it related to some of current thoughts i’ve been having during my short hiatus.

Lauryn Hill explained that after the success of “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”, she felt that there was pressure put on her to be something that she wasnt. She also felt that in order to continue with the success she had, she would have to conform to society and succumb to a materialistic world.

“For the past several years, I have remained what others would consider underground. I did this in order to build a community of people, like-minded in their desire for freedom and the right to pursue their goals and lives without being manipulated and controlled by a media protected military industrial complex with a completely different agenda.”

She also stated that before she felt the need to go underground, she did pay her taxes and when she didn’t pay them it was “in order to guarantee the safety and well-being of myself and my family.” Now I do understand why some people may see this as an extreme way of thinking but I understand her. Lots of people have spread rumors or said negative things about Lauryn Hill’s mental status but I feel like she is completely sane. In no way do I think it was okay to not pay her taxes but I do understand her reasoning and i’ll explain why.

I am a very free spirited person and lately i’ve been struggling with the idea of freedom and the way our society is set up. Lauryn Hill’s response embodied the thoughts I have been struggling with. In her life she felt that her artistic abilities had been turned into a negative thing where people used her for material things and greed. Lately i’ve been feeling that most people only worry about money, no longer do people care about the next person. I commend her for pulling away from society to bring her family into a higher consciousness that doesn’t place money and material over love and peace.

Most people may think that Lauryn Hil could of kept her career going and just continued to fight for her individuality because with her talent we all know that she could have taken over the world. Sometimes the urge for freedom and peace in your heart surpasses the feeling of “taking over the world” and that urge is what led Lauryn Hill to go underground. I have many, many days where I just want to drop everything and run away but not because i’m running from anything but because i’m running to a different type of society that existed before money took over the world.

I also have moments when I question freedom. I mean clearly I know we are no longer being held captive and in chains, but are we really free? I feel like freedom is sometimes based on your income, people that make more money have more choices. People that make less money, like myself, can only do what they can afford to do which isn’t much. I’d love to travel the world and help anyone I can through volunteer work but my first thoughts are always how will I take care of myself if I have no income? It’s like a relentless circle that never stops and makes me feel stuck. It makes me feel like my freedom is limited by the rules and ways of society. I mean even in the aspect of education, we have to take out loans that put us in severe debt with the hope of getting a good paying job in a economy that no longer can guarantee us a job at all.

Dont get me wrong, i’m not saying my life is anywhere near horrible because I am blessed to have all that I have. I’m just saying we should all open our minds to opinions from others like Lauryn Hill. Be a little less judgemental and more open to ideas that may not be exactly like ours. Maybe even define freedom for ourselves and remove our connection from material things.

Just giving you a  little something to think about…




5 responses to “Ms Lauryn Hill & My Absence..

  1. GIRL…you just spoke my heart in this post!!! I feel the same way when it comes to freedom. I have always been a free spirit, live life how I please, don’t conform to society, black sheep of the family…whatever.

    I also understand where Lauryn was coming from and can relate on some level. Though we are technically “free”, we as a people are still held in bondage…slaves to the fees of pursuing higher education, providing future security for our children…Lord, don’t get me started…

    I love this post! 🙂

    • Im so glad you loved this! Sometimes im not sure if anyone feels the way I do.. I dont feel free or like I can live to my full potential without resistance from society or finances being an issue.. Its soooo crazy and sometimes depressing to me!

  2. I really love Lauryn Hill but she should know better, if you make money they are always going to come after you to get every penny they can. There is a famous quote that says there are two things you can guarantee in life death and taxes. Even Jesus said give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. She’s not crazy for wanted to be off grid, that’s all good, however there are accounts who most rich and famous peeps have to handle their financial obligations, so her taxes would be settled and she would be free of the burden. As I was working with tax law many of my clients where trying to create complex structures to reduce the taxes that they pay and it is possible, but if you just don’t pay, it will never work out for you!

    I can totally get living off the grid, life these days is just so much more complicated everyday, but now it’s a real shame because she will have to pay sooo much more and that’s really sad! Plus then there is the stress of these people getting all up in your business for months, these people will make her life hell for the next half year. I really hope that they do not try to bring some scandal to her name once they have hold of all her records because that’s what they do, get all up in your business try to find fault and get as much money out of you as possible, o yes and leak bad stories to the press about what you’re doing with your money.

    Lauryn shouldn’t have fallen victim to this one, it’s in the oldest game book!

  3. Hey sis,

    It takes a bright mind to extract the relevant elements of Lauren’s circumstance. Many people’s eyes are shuddered by the evasion of taxes, and not the more intriguing perspective that Lauren stood on. Freedom is almost always conceptualized as imprisonment of a physical nature – perhaps even mental. But, you highlighted the emergence of financial imprisonment. Truly, Reiman’s title, “The Rich Get Richer and the Poor get Prison” has some direct applications in this idea. Think about it: The rich, (either by inheritance, happenstance (like the lottery) or a fortunate gamble with hard work and effort) shift into preservation mode and the result is typically low-risk investments and off-shore accounts. As the increase their financial stature and tuck their money away to inflate in some far away land, they stay in America and play and flaunt their “superior” status. Meanwhile, the choices of the poor are limited to either barely legal or illegal efforts to tread water. Needless to say, prison is the end result for them. As you say, what choices were they left with? The fewer choices we have, the more the walls and bars around us become more visible until we can actually touch them. In essence, “the Land of the Free” has become “the Playground of the RIch” and a farm for the poor to be shackled to the lower rungs of society.

  4. you spoke to me in so many ways in this post and I have too have been struggling with the facade that American culture puts on period. and really dealing with the state of the Black community or lack there of. I commend Lauren for what she is doing and for refusing to let people define her or tell her what she must do just because society has set a standard. I am learning that there is a fine line when it comes to everything and also that most American’s just take what they are fed because it’s right or its the law. living in DC for the last 3 years has opened my eyes to a lot specifically concerning the gov’t and its amazing what is allowed to exist and happen. I commend you on your journey and pray for clarity as this is my daily journey too!

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