Get Off Raven’s Back! My Angry Lesbian Rant!

It seems to be a target on homosexuals/bisexuals to “come out of the closet” and the media’s addiction to this subject has been rather annoying if you ask me. I have been out of the closet myself for 5 years and unfortunately I was outted before I felt comfortable telling people about my sexuality. Luckily I was strong enough to not care about what anyone thought about me but not everyone has that quality. The latest story in the news has been about Raven Symone and AzMarie Livingston. There has been reports that the two women are now living together and are in a lesbian relationship. When the story was reported there was an immediate frenzy on every social network wondering whether the report was true. My question is why is it so important to know about her sexuality and who she chooses to love? Shouldn’t we focus on other things like her starring in “Sister Act The Musical” on Broadway or maybe we should be taking notes from her on how to be a brilliant business woman. I’m sure that while everyone was focusing on her sexuality she was living her life happily without any concern of what we think about her life and continuing to be the successful woman that she has shown us that she is throughout the years!

Another thing that is bothering me is this subject of Queen Latifah coming out since she will be headling the Long Beach Gay Pride Festival. In my opinion I don’t see why there is so much pressure for her to say that she is gay. Over the years she has never really been attached to a man and it’s been clear that her long term relationships have been with women. I don’t see why we can’t respect her privacy and let her live without the pressure of having to announce her sexuality to everyone when it isn’t everyone’s business. There’s also the John Travolta scandal that seems to be everywhere. The focus seems to be the possibility of John Travolta being gay but what about the possibilty of him breaking his marital vows? Some of us tend to focus so much on sexuality that we forget to look at people or situations as a whole.

Sexual preference is only one characteristic of a person. It should not be used as a defining characteristic for all that a person stands for. There are so many other things to focus on like a person’s accomplishments, goals, their style and millions of other topics outside of sexuality. There are going to be homosexuals that “come out” but coming out isn’t an option for every homosexual. We have to learn to respect everyone’s choices and not put pressure on homosexuals to announce their preference. If you just think about it for a second, i’m sure you have never seen or heard of a heterosexual person that was being pressured to admit their sexual preference so why should homosexuals have to do so? So let’s gain more respect for people and their privacy. Love is love whether you know about it or not!

The Angry Lesbian,


4 responses to “Get Off Raven’s Back! My Angry Lesbian Rant!

  1. They are celebrities, this is what comes with the celebrity lifestyle. Raven and Queen Latifah have done a good job of keeping their personal lives private, many celebs are not able to do that. In a society where celebrity gossip is such a big deal, I am not surprised that people want to know more about the one thing that is not confirmed, their sexuality. Beyonce is straight and married, but people are obsessed with her personal life still!

  2. Every person should have a choice to live how they want to live! They should not have to fit in if they don’t! This is so true, just because their sexual preference is not the same as mine, does not mean I will like them any less as people or actresses/actors! Bless their souls!

    Blithe M.

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