Marley: A Documentary About One Love

I am a lover of Bob Marley and all things connected to Jamaica and Rastafari. I visited Ocho Rios, Jamaica in 2006 and immediately fell in love with the culture and the people. I was too excited when I heard about the documentary being released called Marley. My original plan was to go to Philadelphia to go see it since it was in selected theaters but to my surprise the documentary was on OnDemand. Marley is a documentary about every aspect of Bob Marley’s life. It featured appearances from artists that worked with him, his wife, his mother, his girlfriends, his children and everyone in between.

Now I don’t want to give too much away especially to people that may be looking into his life for the first time but I will tell you that the documentary was awesome, fantastic, and amazing! At first I questioned would the documentary be drawn out since it was 2 h ours and 25 minutes long. Honestly the documentary ended and I felt like I wanted to know even more about this great man. The director provided subtitles when needed so it was also easy to keep up because sometimes the accents leave it hard to understand what is being said. I specifically like how every clip of Bob Marley in the documentary wasn’t of him just performing. There were many videos of him enjoying everyday life and also photos of him throughout the documentary.

But now to the reason why I suggest everyone should watch this movie. I know that some people connect Bob Marley to things such as Rastafari and marijuana but what that man embodies is so much more than that. His message in life was One Love and he brought millions of people together through this one message. Even watching this documentary you will feel the power behind his words and you will feel the pureness of his spirit. He gave without expecting anything back and loved everyone unconditionally. He taught us that love goes a long way. He went from the streets of Trenchtown to traveling all around the world and never lost touch with his message of love. He is definitely one of my idols and i’m sure he will become one of yours!

Go out and see Marley everyone. I promise you will love it and leave with a new appreciation for love and your life. If you have seen it let me know what you think!

“Conquer the devils with a little thing called love!”

-Bob Marley

One Love,


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