Lemon Please! The Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water!

Good Morning everyone! One of the goals of Young Black Female is to be a source for well being in the Black community so I’ll be integrating health tips and issues into my posts. This post is inspired by something I do everytime that I go out to eat. I have a habit of just wanting to drink water with lemons and a couple days ago I started to wonder how I was benefitting from getting water with lemons versus other drinks. Here is what I found!

1. Lemons are a blood purifier and cleansing agent for the body.

2. Drinking lemon water can be a great help to your skin because of the high amount of Vitamin C. It can  be an anti-aging remedy and help with wrinkles and blackheads.

3. Lemons and hot water can help relieve many stomach problems such as heartburn,  nausea, and bloating. Drinking lemon water on a regular basis can help with waste elimination as well.

4. Lemon water is also a great aid to losing weight, controlling blood pressure, curing and relieving respiratory problems  and helping clear infections especially in the throat.

5. Lemon water is also good in helping to break fevers if someone is suffering from a cold or the flu.

There are also many other benefits of drinking lemon water but these are the five benefits that stood out to me. I hope that this inspires you to drink more lemon water because this one little change can make a big change in the health of your body. It’s important to be conscious about the health of your body because when you feel good physically you also feel good mentally! Hope this tip helps. Have a great day everyone!

Peace& Good Health


8 responses to “Lemon Please! The Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water!

  1. Yes! Drinking lemon water in the morning before breakfast is like a mini detox before you get the day started.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Who would of thought all those perks just for adding lemon to my water…huh! I know I haven’t been as good to my body as I should but I’m making changes…so this helped, thanks.

    • Ive learned that its the little things that will help you reach your fitness and health goals.. So thats what ill be sharing! Thanks for coming to YBF.. Subscribe and grow with me! 🙂

  3. Thank you for posting … From time to time I drink Lemon Wate , I did nt know about all of these benefits ,mill be drinking more.

  4. I started drinking more water at the beginning of 2012 as a resolution…and it’s funny that I don’t like the taste of plain water, so I add lemon to my water jug at work everyday. Who I knew I was getting all of these perks?!!! LOL!

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