My Second Set of Locs!

I started my second set of locs yesterday.. YAYYYY GO MEEEEE! I was loc’n for a year and took them down by combing them out in February. Everyone questions why I took them down so i’ll explain. Before I loc’d I wore my head shaved and grew just enough hair for a stylist to start coils. After my locs started to mature my locs were rather small because I had started them at such a short length. So the advice I received from a stylist was to combine them to prevent them from having breakage and damage later so I had all of them combined. The combination of all my locs messed up my parts and my locs werent meshing together very well. I was overall unhappy with the look of them and even besides the combination of my locs I also felt that I could of took better care of them as they were loc’n. Some of my locs had lint in them and I didn’t like that at all.

Anywho.. I did the loose hair thing for a couple months and I missed my locs so much! Not that there is anything wrong with loose natural hair but it just wasn’t for me. I had it straightened and even though I looked nice I didn’t feel like that style fit who I am as a person anymore so everyday I wore a puff. Mainly due to it being low maintenance and my hair is out of my face. But the most important reason why I decided to loc is because of my connection to my locs. This might be some crazy loc talk but my locs were like my kids. I nurtured and cared for them and watched them grow. I played with them and gave them good energy and in return they gave me good energy and taught me things. Things like patience because you HAVE to have patience if you plan on having locs for a long period of time. They also taught me that I define my own beauty and anyone elses opinion of my beauty didn’t matter. Unfortunately when I decided to get locs not everyone understood my reasoning. Some people loved the idea and some people hated it. I felt like that bad energy sometimes resulted in me covering my locs through the loc’n process. But over time I started to like when my locs did their own thing and embrace the changes they made during the process.

So yesterday I called my favorite natural hair shop in Philadelphia called Au Naturale ( and set an appointment with Junaee! I went there a few times before last year and I love love love the atmosphere there. I’m all about good energy so I knew I wanted to start my locs there. The process took about 3 1/2 hours due to my hair being thick but it was worth it. She did them at a perfect size and my parts are nice and neat. I decided to use the coil method versus the two strand twist method because I want my locs to look like locs immediately. The two strand twist method takes a lot of palm rolling to get the loc look. As far as maintenance, i’ll be putting oil on them for the next 4 weeks to keep them moisturized until my next retwist in 4 weeks.

I’m so excited about this journey and I will definitely be sharing everything with you all. I plan on doing a Youtube video when I hit a week or two. I also will be sharing things I know and things i’m learning about locs. Has anyone else had multiple sets of locs? Why did you take them down and get them back in? Whats your connection to your locs? Is it just for the loc you like or a spiritual connection? Share Share Share!

Loc’n& Loving it!


6 responses to “My Second Set of Locs!

  1. This is how I exactly feel when I perm my hair last August. When I perm my hair after 3 months of it!! I did not feel like myself! In April I decided to cut all my hair off to go back to natural!!

  2. I know how you feel. I’m now on my 3rd set of locs as of 2 weeks ago. The first time I had them for 7 years and was ready for a change. I stayed natural for about a year then loc’d again, that time for 2 years I chopped them off after I had my last baby…again, wanted to be natural.

    Now round 3, my locs keep calling me…lol. I love them, the process and the journey. I feel my true self and most confident when I’m rockin my locs!

    Thanks for sharing your pics, very nice.

    • Lol i understand you so much! My locs kept calling me too.. I feel centered and grounded with my locs.. Im so excited about this journey with my second set.. Thanks for sharing your story! 🙂

  3. Your hair looks great! I just started my second set of locs Apr.12 and I am loving them. I took my first set down after four yrs because I was ready for a change, but after a while I missed them dearly. So I said what the heck this year and started a new set. Check out my blog dreadhead0412.

    Happy Locs!

  4. I have been growing my locs for 5 years now and I started off with double strand twists. I didn’t like the way it looked even tho it was neat. So I took them out after about a month and got them twisted. I just wanted the loc look immediately! I’m happy with my locs and i understand ur connection with ur locs. I think everyone has some type of connection.

  5. Thank you so much for writing this article. I too am on my second set of locs. My husband is very supportive (he’s been growing his for over 10 years), however many of my family members don’t like that I’m doing it again. Thank you for reminding me that I can define my own beauty, and that I don’t have to be ashamed or conform.

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