Next Phase: Introspection!


As promised i’ll be sharing my life with my readers.. good bad or indifferent. It’s April and so far this month has left me feeling pretty bland about life. I mean i’m trying to be excited and happy but something is just missing. I think since the beginning of 2012 i’ve been trying to fill that  void with STUFF. Stuff can range from people to things but all in all that STUFF has not helped any because I am still at feeling very UNBALANCED!

After some thinking and alone time this week i’ve decided that my next phase is introspection! Im sooo excited about it! ok ok.. Let me explain what I mean by introspection. I plan to do steps to better my life, my health and my overall well being. This may sound selfish but I just want to worry about myself for awhile. ME ME ME! I feel like if I get to know myself better than I can bring in people and things that will benefit my life. It’s a pretty big process for me because i’m so used to caring for others and neglecting my needs but I know this process will be worth it.

My first step: I want to declutter my life. I’ll do some obvious decluttering of my apartment which will start this week. I want to clean out my closet and donate all my clothes that I haven’t looked at since I moved in a year ago. I also want to scrub everything til it shines. Every single part of my apartment will be looked over and the necessary adjustments will be made. Part two after I clean is organizing and adding some things to make my apartment feel like HOME. Unfortunately I haven’t put time into organizing or decorating my apartment to fit my personality which is a shame because most of my time is spent in my apartment. I plan to start cleaning house some time this week! Decluttering will also include getting rid of the people in my life that do nothing but give me bad vibes and headaches which means my number will be changing soon! LOL

Also this week I will be joining a 24 hour gym because my schedule can be so hectic. One of my goals has always been to be in good shape but I never make time to get up and work out. I talked to one of my fellow bloggers by the name of Blithe Minako ( and we will be setting up some fitness goals soon! I’m also continuing on my pescetarian ways but i’m going to try to expand my food choices to help improve my health. Sexy summer body here I come! I also plan on getting on a vitamin regimen. This will all be challenging but I know it will be worth it! As time passes through this journey I will definitely update everyone on my progress and any new goals along the way!

Im hoping some of my followers will join me on this journey! Share your goals, suggestions and thoughts with me!

Peace& Love



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