When Is The Right Time for Childbirth?

So I recently had a strike of baby fever which is a strong desire to have a baby.  I’ve been going in and out of baby fever for the last year. I think that as I mature as a woman my need for a stable relationship and a family grows. Some people would argue that i’m only 23 but I think baby fever can come at any age. Even with that said I don’t promote baby fever in young teenagers or people that want a baby for the wrong reasons. Personally I want to have a child after I finish school but sometimes I think I should have a child after i’m into a good job for a couple years. I also would like to be in a healthy relationship but i’ve also asked myself if that relationship doesn’t come at what age will I have a child by myself. It is all so confusing!

Recently I met a 23 year old young woman that is pregnant and a single parent. She had baby fever that made her yearn for a child for years. After 3 or 4 years she decided to go through the process of getting pregnant without a partner and soon she will be having her baby boy. I personally believe she is very courageous and bold to make such a big decision based on her needs and wants instead of waiting for a partner to have a child with. I think many women get caught up in the idea that we must have a partner in order to fufil the desire to have a child which is incorrect. I believe a woman can have a child by herself as long as she gives the child love and security. I also realize how some people make think she is selfish for bringing a child in the world without a second parent or too young to make such a huge lifechanging decision. Some people may also worry about if my friend can insure that their will be financial stability since the 20s are usually when young adults are trying to establish themselves in the world.

On the flip side I have also seen situations where people wait until they are in their 30’s and 40’s and married with a career to have children. One major problem with waiting that long is fertility since a woman’s peak fertility time is at 24 years old. Some women in that age group have to use different medical procedures to become pregnant. If those procedures dont work then some women resort to a surrogate mother or adoption. On a positive note older women usually have a stable financial situation and can afford all the things that their child may need. They also are more mature and have stable homes for their children versus younger mothers that are working on creating stability for their family.

So i’d like to know in your opinion when is the right time to have a child? Should it be based on age? The desire to have a child? Financial stability? What’s your opinion on having a child without a partner? Whats your opinion on women waiting until their 30s and 40s to have children? When did you have your children or if you dont have any children when do you plan on having them? Speak your truth!

Patiently waiting,



6 responses to “When Is The Right Time for Childbirth?

  1. Wow. I’m in the same boat. And I would to share my opinion. I’ve always said “no one is every ready for a child”. We may say we have the money etc etc. But example look at beyonce. She was with Jay z for years and just now at 30 had a baby. They are very wealthy. I feel as though its a mental thing. Where is your head at??? Yes every woman wants to have a stable relationship first then a baby but who’s to say that after the baby that “he” will stay. I am a firm believer in having a solid relationship first then a baby. But I also want to have fullfilled all possiblities of a Great career. So I put my career first. Babies are a blessing and I would love to go through winds of pregnancy and being a mom. But it may just be a phase. Because when it really happens who’s to say you will happy or sad. I don’t if I made any sense for u. But I tried !!! Lol.

    • I have that issue too! Do I wait until I’m completely ready or is there really a point when your truly ready? Its all so confusing because you want to focus on your career and other things but theres a certain emptiness that you feel when you want a child and dont have one.

      • Yep u sumed it up best. I’ll just wait till god feels that I’m ready. Because the minute I get the results “pregnant” I know he chose me at that time!!!! I leave it in faiths hands

      • I wish you luck on your journey! For now i’ve decided to prepare for my future child the best way I know how. When he/she arrived they will be surrounded with love and security!

  2. I would want to be married when I do have children. There are people who pretend to want the something you want. I don’t want to be in a surprised situation to where the guy changes. I really would like a family and to be married. I don’t want someone to play on those things that I want.

  3. I believe all components mentioned should factor into the decision of having a baby. In my opinion; a basic problem that many people (women) face today is that they confuse their unhappiness with the want of a baby or a partner. People today fail to turn to the journey of knowing the Lord; through understanding and knowing the Lord, you as well get to know yourselves, love yourselves, and become secure and happy within yourselves. Feeling empty should not signify needing or wanting a baby, but it should signify that you yourself need to work on you..in figuring out why you’re having such feelings. But bringing a baby into an already emotion unstable situation..ask yourself is that truly really fair to the baby? But at the same token, the age of the 20’s is the time to find yourself..what you like, who you truly are, and what you have to offer to God! I’m 31 years old, a career woman, no children. and a God-fearing woman… and yes, I do want children…but what I’ve learned in my journey of life is that’s its a right way and a wrong way to do things…and sometimes its so much easier to go about the wrong way and sometimes life becomes complicated and we can easily confuse the wrong way with being the right way…but one time I can surely testify to…God’s Way is the Perfect Way…so in every decision that is made turn to God…and God will lead you in the right path!! God’s path, the path of prosperity, complete joy/peace, and indescribable favor!!

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