What Is Your Natural Inspiration?

I think we all have taken notice to how many Black women are going natural and it’s definitely a beautiful thing! Going natural was a progressive process for me. About 3 years ago I cut my hair and started getting texturizers. One day as I was getting a texturizer put in my scalp begin to burn like no other. Luckily I removed it in time before I had severe burns but after that experience I decided that I shouldn’t put my scalp in pain just for superficial reasons. After that experience I shaved my head completely and my natural journey began!
I shaved my head for months until I decided to loc my hair. I loc’d for a year before I combed it out. I combed it out because I didn’t like the way they were forming after my locs were combined. Now I rock rough and tough with my afro puff! lol! Going natural has taught me to love myself in my natural essence. It has also brought me confidence that I never had before. It’s nothing like walking into a room and demanding attention all because your hair is screaming I AM HERE! I do have days where I remember how easy my hair was to manage when it was relaxed but when I see the volume and health of my fro I fall back in love with my decision to go natural!

What was your inspiration to go natural? What has your natural hair taught you about yourself?  Did you have a bad experience with chemicals? Whats the best part of being natural? Would you ever go back to using chemicals? Share your stories!

Spreading Natural Love,

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