Black White Girl?

Happy Black History Month Everyone! So I love being Black and I love my culture but I tend to have a problem at times when I talk to my fellow Black people. I consider myself to be afrocentric and I get compliments on that by other Black people at times. There’s those times when I have a conversation with a fellow Black person and i’m told that I sound White. I’ve even been called a “Black White Girl” because supposably i’m Black but I have White girl habits. So I ask you.. What the hell is that suppose to mean? What is White? What is Black? Someone please make sense of this for me.

Sometimes it seems as if you are not considered to be Black unless you came from an urban area, you use slang, and your family is filled with drug addicts, prisoners or other negative things. Why do Black people see themselves in such a negative light? There are plenty of Black people that speak properly, are very educated, and living a healthy and stable life but those Black people are sometimes looked down upon. But then we have Black people that think White people keep us down but does anyone ever stop to think that we are keeping our own selves down?

A problem that we have in our Black community is division amongst eachother. We divide our community by major things such as our socio-economic class to minor things such as our hair and our style. There’s a unity that is missing in our community that will help our community grow and flourish. The only way we can achieve this unity in our community is through love. That may sound like a generic resolution but it is the truth. We have to love eachother because of our similiarities and inspite of our differences.

My hope is that the future of the Black community is a strong and progressive future. A future full of prosperity, unity and love. That was the hopes and dreams of our ancestors. It is up to us to make our ancestors proud and to continue with a positive legacy. Here’s a quote i’d like to share with everyone.

       “There can be no black-white unity until there is first some black unity…. We cannot think of uniting with others, until after we have first united among ourselves. We cannot think of being acceptable to others until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves.”
                                                                                            -Malcolm X
Peace Love & Unity,

9 responses to “Black White Girl?

  1. All yes everything! I’ve been told I speak white since I was little. Act white because I like to read, go to museums and my parents were married (and still are) before I was born.

    I just can’t. I don’t see what’s wrong with anyone of ANY race doing these things.

  2. Love the quote by Brother Malcolm
    And you answered all the questions correctly…love is the answer

  3. I’m from the baby boomer generation but I used to get that too. I also started reading before I started school. I’m also from small town NJ, which seems to be a place that educated Black and white people in the same schools when the rest of the country didn’t and in very many cases still doesn’t. I think you’re right about our divided community but it will take love plus a lot of hard work to break down those differences. I’m really encouraged by the amount of young people getting together on line now a days. We have a chance to get to know Black people from different social circumstances and from all over the country. When I first started doing this back in the early 90s there were very few Black people on line. Keep doing what you’re doing and it’ll help to bring us all a little closer. Also, don’t be shy to push the folks at Black Bloggers Connect into action because that’s a resource that is potentially very powerful if we use it properly. Keep those forums and groups engaged. I’ll see you there 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment! Ill definitely be using BBC to connect to new people. Im waiting for my next day off to really make some new and interesting connections on there. I love learning new things from other Black people.

  4. Yep, unity is the biggest most pressing issue in the AA community. A relentless player in this game is: The BEAST. The negative media outlets, that is. Which unfortunately have been allowed to define what being “Black” is. This past February I watched a video clip on YouTube of this guy who was going around interviewing White people and asking them who their favorite Black person was etc… This was to highlight Black history month.

    He must have interviewed about a dozen people. However, the one that stood out to me the most was when he asked this older lady and her daughter “Between the two of you, which one likes Black people the most?” The daughter replied, “Probably me”, the older lady replied, “Well I don’t watch much television.”

    In order to protect how Black children view being Black, their media consumption must be drastically limited and fiercely guarded. Black children are taking their cues on what the definition of Black is from the media, in large part. Which inevitably fosters a narrow minded, culturally limited perspective. This is not the only issue but indeed one that should be noted…

    Love your blog! Very Clean and Fresh!

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