Consequences of Getting “Good” Hair!

 I came by this video on Facebook and it really stuck out to me so I thought I should share it. I have not always been natural. I actually had a relaxer until about 3 years ago I believe. I decided to go natural because I felt like it was a healthier choice and I wanted to embrace all the elements of myself that made me ME. I am a natural hair advocate but I don’t despise women that have relaxers. I do hope that this video shows the relaxed community the possible outcomes of a quick relaxer. I’m sorry to see such a beautiful woman dealing with the effects of such a severe chemical burn. Unfortunately this is the story of many Black women that use chemicals in order to have “good” hair not realizing that the hair they were born with IS good hair!

Consequences of using a relaxer to acheive “good” hair:

-Dryness and Breakage

-Overprocessing that can cause breakage, damage, and hair loss

-Chemical burns that can burn your scalp and lead to permanent hair damage

I’m hoping that Black women can realize the health concerns of getting a relaxer instead of choosing vanity over health. Good hair is YOUR hair! Embrace it!

What’s your opinion on the video and topic? If you are natural what made you decide to go natural? If you are relaxed what reasons do you have for continuing to relax your hair? Share your thoughts!

Love Peace& Hair Grease


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