Where are the Black hair products?! Geesh!

I wanted to share a recent experience I had and get everyone’s opinion on it. On Wednesday night I decided that I randomly wanted to color my locs which by the way the color didn’t hold because my hair is still black. Bummer! But anyway, I decided I wanted to color it so me and my best friend decided to go on the hunt for some hair dye. This is where my experience begins….

My first stop was at CVS thinking they have a Black hair product section shouldn’t be hard to find a box of dye. We went into the store and I seen the hair section but couldn’t find the “ethnic” section so I went up to an employee and inquired. You know what he told me? They did not have ANY Black hair care products in the store at all! I went into shock and decided I won’t be going back to that CVS ever!

Next, I went to Wegmans which may seem like an odd choice but i’ve seen some Black hair products there. I went in just knowing that i’d buy my dye and walk out satisified. Once again I saw the hair dye section and to my dismay they had no Black hair dye products. UGH!

On the road again, I decided that Walmart has to be it! They have everything you could ever need in life in one place. I skipped my happy behind in there just to be disappointed AGAIN! Grrrrr… So I headed to another CVS. This time I called in advance to see what dye they have. When I called the employee said they had dye for Black hair. I went to the hair section and they had two little boxes of Black hair dye but guess what? Either one were the color that I wanted. Sigh. I ended up settling for a product that did nothing to my hair so I’m going to use something different in a couple weeks.

There goes my experience and i’m so disappointed that Black hair products aren’t put into regular stores that we all shop at day to day. I mean do Black people not exist? I like to do my own hair and I don’t want to have to search high and low for a box of hair dye or anything else for the matter. How do you feel about this problem? Have you experienced this before? What should we do to fix this?



10 responses to “Where are the Black hair products?! Geesh!

  1. I have a question…Why are you looking for hair dye when the reason you got locks is because you wanted to stop damaging your natural hair with chemicals? Hair dye is a harsh chemical in itself. There are natural dyes but you are not going to find them in any of those stores you went to. Check online. It’s definitely a better option and healthier for your hair but you will have to wait a little to receive the package. I think that in order to follow your own chemical free ideals you should give that a try.

    • I try to be as natural as I can be but im not 100% chemical free. As far as my color goes i’ve tried henna which doesnt work on my jet black hair lol.. so dye is the next best thing to achieve the color I really want.

  2. Since I know you’re in my area ;)… Check out the pharmacies and stores in Sicklerville. Because of the demographics, those stores tend to carry a lot of black hair care products. ie Target & Walgreens Hopefully this won’t be a problem when I get my store up and running *wink

  3. Again, most black name products aren’t even black owned anymore, they are owned by various races. Everything that has chocolate girl on the front isn’t for us. There are great products such as Carol’s Daughter, Mizani, Pantene for Women of Color. But in my case I am natural so I use organic products such as Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle, and Vegetable Glycerin. If you have more questions feel free to ask me!

    Blithe M.

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