Goals for 2012!

MERRY XMAS& A HAPPY NEW YR TO ALL! This is my god daughter Toni and I. I had the pleasure of spending Christmas Eve with her! I love her to pieces! I got her the cutest little pink coat. I can not wait til she wears it!

Anywho, New Years is coming up and I already hear a lot about people making their New Years resolutions. I understand the whole idea of resolutions. It’s a new year so resolutions give you motivation to start your year off right. With that said, I also notice that most people only keep their resolutions til the end of January or maybe February if they’re determined. So I’ve opted to make three goals that I want to accomplish in 2012.

Personally, I think goals are easier to accomplish because you can set a plan to accomplish them while resolutions usually mean getting to a goal using the “cold turkey” method. Goals require time limits and more details which I think is easier for most people to follow! So here are my three goals!

1. Expand Young Black Female and find sponsors for my business!

2. Move to Baltimore& get  into Morgan State University!

3. Network and meet new people that are good role models for me!

My goals aren’t too complicated but they’re the base to the foundation I want to build. I’ve already found an apartment in Baltimore and began my application process to Morgan State so i’m excited about that! Everything is a work in progress for 2012 but I know this year is going to change my life!

So what are your goals for the new year? How do you plan on attaining them? Share your goals and definitely share your plan! I’m sure they will motivate everyone!

Happy Holidays,


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