Natural Isn’t For Everyone?

Earlier today I was on Twitter viewing my timeline and one of my followers tweeted about something Wendy Williams said on her show today. Basically, she was in the audience talking to one of her guest that had natural hair and she told her guest that her natural hair was cute but it’s not for everyone. I love Wendy Williams but seriously Wendy? How isn’t natural hair for everyone? Sadly enough I have heard many women of color say this statement and I do not agree at all. To me, saying natural hair isn’t for everyone is like saying it’s not okay to be the person you were born to be, afro puff and all!

Now i’m not one of those natural hair advocates that pushes for every single woman to be natural because I definitely believe that we are individuals with individual ideas of beauty. I must admit though, that I do favor natural hair and I have had chemically relaxed hair in the past. But back  to the topic, I have locs and I have had many people approach me giving my locs positive comments but saying they could never do without chemicals. That statement always pulls my brain into many directions.  Does the person think natural hair is unattractive? Are they not patient enough to deal with the growing out process? Does the person lack the confidence it takes to be their natural selves at all times? Do they use chemicals to cover up their insecurities in their hair and themselves? So on and so forth.

I have asked these questions to people with chemically relaxed hair and the answers I get are all different. Overall though, I realize that a big reason why women of color don’t feel like they can carry a natural look is because many have lost touch with their natural selves. I believe that it mostly due to the way society has portrayed black women in the media. I usually see women of color portrayed as a coke bottle figure, long black hair and spotless makeup. That constant perception of a woman of color has rubbed off on the reality of many women and this is the perception that they have melted into their own perception of themselves.

I have hope that this will change because their is a movement in the black community that is bringing woman of color more into the idea of being natural and loving themselves in their natural state. Again, i’m not against chemicals and all but chemicals are harsh on the body even if we don’t see it directly with our eyes. Me being someone who has used chemicals in the past can tell you from experience that being natural is definitely a process but I have never felt so confident and comfortable in my skin than I do now!

So tell me your opinion. Are you natural or chemically relaxed? Is natural hair not for everyone? What’s your opinion of both sides? Share your stories!

Naturally Happy,


4 responses to “Natural Isn’t For Everyone?

  1. Well, I have natural hair and I regret every relaxer I’ve ever had. Black people have always been brainwashed into self- hatred so I’m not surprised some black women refuse to give up the relaxer and many of these are the same women who pile makeup on their faces because they lack enough confidence.

  2. Hey YBF! So I have natural hair and I think I’ve had 2-3 relaxers in high school (10yrs ago) but they would stress my hair out (make my curls limp) so I stopped. Now I do wear my hair straight in the winter (I blow dry and use and iron) cause I like the change from curly in the summer and spring. Natural Hair is def for me in the summer when it’s hot and I can let it air dry…straight is for me in the winter when it’s too cold to go outside with a wet head. Haha.

    I hear what you are saying and I think that it’s hard to disconnect one’s mind from what you desire of yourself and what society desires from you (esp since you are immersed in it 24/7 from birth). I don’t wear make-up but I used to LOVE to play with it as a child. I saw it as a rite-of-passage and something my mother did so I wanted to do it. 🙂 Today, I’m too cheap to buy it and too lazy to learn how to put it on correctly! But I don’t see women that do so as having self esteem issues. I think that CAN be the case but you can’t know that unless you know the woman and dig deep with her.

    I also think as women and being made in the Creator’s image we crave beauty and we want to be beautiful. Sometimes it’s for someone else..sometimes it’s for ourselves….whatever it is…it IS. I think using “enhancers”(make-up/hair/clothes) is fine as along as you don’t lose yourself in them and they don’t become your identity/you realized they do not give you your value….however because of our idolizing nature (not to mention our pride)…that is VERY hard to control.. especially over years and years of practice.

  3. I hate that saying. How can natural hair not be for everyone when it was the hair you had when you were born. I’m pretty certain that God didn’t mean for us as a culture to become so obsessed with altering our beauty to fit to a standard that doesn’t reflect the uniqueness and time that He took in creating us.

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