In my prior entry called Troubles I spoke about wanting to make changes but being fearful of it. After that entry I began to think a lot about the last few years of my life. As great as they were I still had things I wanted to do that I haven’t because i’ve been to afraid of change. I realized the biggest thing I wanted to do was move out of New Jersey!
I’ve wanted to move ever since college but I punked out and went to William Paterson University which is in New Jersey. From then on I kept signing leases in New Jersey knowing that I wanted to move. It was like one part of my brain said “Move! Be free! Start Over!” but the other part said “Stay here! This is what you know!”. It’s time for a change though.

“The key to change… is to let go of fear.”

– Rosanne Cash

After some thinking and meditating I have decided i’ll be moving to BALTIMORE IN JUNE 2012! Actually it’ll be me and my best friend Brittany taking on Baltimore together. I decided on Baltimore because of the culture and the resources they have that relate to me. I hope to attend hair shows, host parties, finish my education, network, and most importantly build my business!


New Beginnings,

4 responses to “Change.

  1. I think at some point we are all afraid of change and the fact that you’re taking action is the first step to over coming the fear. I don’t like change that much either but my life has changed completely from how I envisioned it and I’m at a better place by just letting go and believing in the fact that I can do anything I set my mind on! Just keep believing and kudos on the move!

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