Loc Braid Out

So after I did my first retwist successfully I felt good and continued to fall in love with my hair over the next couple days. I decided to try my first style which ended up being two loc braids on the right side of my head and the rest of my locs in a braid out. I used Olive Oil spray and moisturizing cream, some Shine mousse and a water bottle mixed with water and Vitamin E oil.

I started by spraying my hair with my mixture of oil and water. It’s best to wet your locs a little bit when styling to prevent breakage and i’m pretty paranoid about my locs being dry and brittle. I put in my two loc braids and here’s the video I used to help me learn how to do loc braids.

After I put in my loc braids I sprayed section by section and braided three locs into a braid and put a rubberband on the ends to hold it together. Took me about an hour to do it. To cut time you can add more locs into one braid. It really depends on how wavy you want your hair to be. I wanted my hair to have a lot of wave in it so i did smaller braids.

Finally, I was all done braiding my locs so I put some of the Shine Mousse all over my locs for extra hold. Luckily I was off of work for the next couple days so I let my hair stay braided for a day. The next day I took all the braids out and sprayed my locs all over with the Olive Oil spray and here’s the results! I hope this post helped!

Loving my locs,


7 responses to “Loc Braid Out

  1. Congrats in starting your locs! I’ve been loc’d for 2.5 years and the best thing that I’ve learned is the less product you use the better. Your braid out came out very nice, but the water mixture probably would’ve been enough to set your braids. Even with regular washing, product still leaves residue deep in the hair and that’s what we all want to keep to a minimum. Best of luck on your journey and I look forward to seeing more pics of your styles.

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