Icon: StaceyAnn Chin

I found out about StaceyAnn Chin through one of my close friends. My friend described her as a beautiful lesbian feminist that didn’t have a problem expressing exactly how she feels. That in itself peaked my interest so I did some research on her and was amazed by all her work. The first thing I found on StaceyAnn was one of her spoken word performances which is called “If Only Out of Vanity”. I also watched another one called “Feminist or Womanist” and I loved them both!

After doing some more research I found out that she had written a memoir called “The Other Side of Paradise.”. I called every Barnes and Noble in my area until I found one copy of it in the basement of Philadelphia. I went to Philadelphia picked it up and never put it down for about 3 days. StaceyAnn Chin has definitely had a very interesting life from her rather weird relationship with her father to her dealing with homophobia during her college years. I don’t want to give to much away from her memoir but StaceyAnn Chin has definitely inspired me. Throughout her memoir she always stayed strong in her own thoughts and she made moves to better herself and never compromised herself for anyone.

Currently StaceyAnn Chin is 35 weeks pregnant and preparing to be a single parent. I’m sure with all her life experience she will be the best mother ever. I follow her on Facebook and love her witty statuses about her pregnancy, lack of sex, political issues, etc. I wish her the best in her endeavors and i’m hoping her new baby will inspire some more great work from her! I’ll definitely be looking out for it!

Peace& Blessings to StaceyAnn Chin,


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