My First Loc Retwist!

I finally decided to do my first loc retwist on my own and I wanted to share the process with everyone! I’ve been getting my hair done professionally since I started my locs but my money was looking funny and I had a family event to attend so I did my own hair! So anywho.. I decided to do a shampoo, Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinse and a retwist. Here’s a before picture of my locs and these are the products I used:

I started by washing my hair under the bath faucet and I washed it thoroughly two times with the Olive Oil shampoo. After I washed it I mixed some ACV and water in a spray bottle. I sprayed it all over my locs and I let it sit for about 10 minutes. ACV’ rinse is a good homemade recipe for cleaning your scalp and locs. I will tell you now that the smell is anything but pleasant but it is WORTH it!

 After I let it sit I rinsed it out and I only dried my hair a little bit since its best to do your retwist while your locs are wet. I also had a spray bottle filled with water since they dry out during the retwist process. I started retwisting the locs in the back and using a clip to hold up the rest of my locs. I simply jus dabbed on some of the lock and twist gel, twisted my loc, and held it in place with a clip. I did that til I was complete. I slept with my clips in because I did not use a dryer to dry my locs.

Well here’s the results! I think I did a good job and I recieved some compliments at the family event. Oh yeah, I saved some money too! Well I hope this blog helps you. My locs are currently in braids since last night. I decided to do a braid out! 🙂

Loving my locs,


4 responses to “My First Loc Retwist!

  1. Lovely retwist but please please go natural LOL. We (BeautifulEarth) talk everyday about the natural products you can use for locs that definitely won’t break the budget. And if you’re at ‘at-home haircare’ kind of person, then you’ve definitely got lots of things to use instead of white ‘loc an twist gel’ (build-up in a bottle). Also, you do not have to rinse out the ACV because the smell goes long before you hair dries. Ciao!

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