What would you do with your life if you had no limitiations?

I asked my bestie that question last night and it took awhile for her to answer. Then I realized maybe that question isn’t easy to answer because some people can’t even imagine a world without boundaries and limitations. So I figured I have to rephrase that question and put some more detail in it.

What would you do with your life if you had nothing in your way whether it be money, time, people, etc?

I’m sure some people would be couch potatoes or housewives. Some people would probably be the next Bill Gates or Obama. But me.. if I had no limitations I would travel the world helping the less fortunate. Not just poor people but abused women, sex victims, and even people in urban communities in the US. I would travel the world seeking out enlightenment and spiritual advice from the Buddhists in China to the Hindus in India. But sadly, that is not my reality.

Reality is that I feel limited by the amount of resources I do not have to travel the world or be a great philanthropist/humanitarian. It totally BLOWS! I’m trying to stay motivated and believe that dreams come true but then again reality hits me. Who will house me as I go on these excursions? Where will I get money to survive? Health insurance? Retirement plans? So here I am in this big giant circle of trying to free myself from these boundaries but then succumbing to the anxiety of losing everything to pursue my dream. I have faith though. I try my best to keep it. Somebody has to know this feeling. I REFUSE to think I am the only one that thinks about this! Heres one of my many quotes that I read to keep me focused. Dont forget to share your thoughts or even answer the question!

Go confidently
In the direction of your Dreams.
Live the life
You’ve imagined!

~ Henry David Thoreau ~

Stay Positive,



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