My Locs Are My Crown.

I think hair is such a serious and important topic for the black culture. Lord knows I went through my choices of styles. My mom used to keep my hair in braids and beads when I was younger. I actually became infamous for my hair being picture perfect when I was younger (Thanks MOM!). As I got older I begged and pleaded for a perm. My mom finally gave in and I wore my hair relaxed until about 2 years ago I believe. MY DOOBIE USED TO BE FLOWING!! Then I went into texturizers until one day it burned the living hell out of my scalp and I had some realizations. Why would I use such harsh chemicals on MY hair? Just so it could be straight or curly? Was I not happy with my natural state of hair for all these years? Was I conforming to society? So guess what I did next.. GOT IT ALL SHAVED OFF! It was so damn liberating!!! I gained so much confidence in myself partially from the compliments I received and partially from my realization that I am not my hair!

So I rocked the baldy for a few months. I used to dye it different colors like variations of brown and red. All good things must end though so I started to search for my next style. I clearly knew I would be completely natural so I went into looking at just growing my hair out and styling it as my fro grew but the idea of that didn’t really spark my interest. I kept looking and I ran into websites about locs or dreadlocks as many people call them (I prefer not to use the word dreadlocks because of the history of the word.). I totally fell in complete and utter love with them! Not just the style but the meaning that they held to many of the people that wore them and now here I am with my locs going on 10 months of loc’n on 11/29.

Jan 29 2011

MY locs are MY crown. I dedicated them to my father who also had them before his death in 2001. They are different from anyone elses locs like a fingerprint. I’ve watched them come from nothing into something. I’ve gone through the “ugly stage” which wasn’t so ugly to me because I loved the whole process. They have definitely taught me patience, confidence and just all these beautiful lessons. I may even be a little obsessed with them but its ok because they make me feel beautiful and bring me to a much more enlightened version of myself. So here’s a couple pics of them currently. Enjoy!

3 responses to “My Locs Are My Crown.

  1. I was tryn to leAve a message on your other posr but there was no option there:( anyway i look frwd to all of your updates it shows that we all fundamentally have the same issues problems and concerns! I looove the pic of ur locs at the bottom. They r so cute and they are grlwing nicely:)
    Peace siStar**

    • As I was researching locs I found out that wayyyy back in the day locs were thought of as being “dreadful” which is why they became dreadlocks. There’s nothing dreadful about my locs! Lol

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