The Beginning.

My first entry. I figured it would have to make a statement. It should give my readers a feel for me and my purpose of this blog so here it goes…..

The basics. My name is Sabia (Say-be-short a) and I am a 22 year old black female. Currently loving life and embracing its many challenges and changes. Im in school giving paramedic science a try. I currently work with developmentally disabled adults that teach me more life lessons than some of the “normal” adults in my life. I know I was put on this earth to help people in any way I can. I LOVE to laugh and I can be an “Optimistic Oprah” which is partially due to the Sagittarius in me. I’m constantly on the search for the meaning of life and I believe finding my own definition of that is my ultimate goal in life. Enough about me though. Over time you will learn more and more about the makings of me. HELL i’m still learning my damn self! 🙂

My blog. Well I decided to name it “Young Black Female” because that is a basic description of me but also a description I share with other black females in this world. It’s a description that places me in a large group of beautiful, strong & educated young black females. Unfortunately, it also places me in a group with lost, uneducated & self hating young black females that have lost their way. With my blog I hope to reach out to both sides of the group and to make us stronger through shared experiences and massive amounts of motivation and empowerment. I will talk about my daily life but i’ll also speak about our history, products that are made for our skin types and hair, books that can show us our possibilities, debates and problems in our culture, and so much more!!! So I ask you to join me on my journey but most importantly to share YOUR journey. We have the power to lift eachother up and get to a better understanding of our past, our present, and the future that we deserve!

Talk to you soon!


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